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Subscriptions Save Money

These days most of us have a memberships for something! why not have a blow dry hair styling membership? think of your new blowdry styling membership as you would a gym membership, but just for your hair! Let our stylists do all the work!. We will get your hair into shape in-less then 45 minutes! you’ll just love our blowdry hair styling  unlimited monthly or yearly membership program. take a look and browse the different types of  blow dry memberships that we offer. Don’t take our word for it! Book your blowdry hair styling and services membership appointment today!

Styling Subscription


Our standard package is 4 Blow Drys a month, You will also receive a salon treatment once a month complimentary. 


Our luxury package includes 

6 Blow Dry's a month.

2 complimentary treatments including an Olaplex and a standard treatment. You will also receive 10% of all services and products.


Our platinum is the ultimate, Unlimited Blow Dry's a month. You will receive 4 treatments a month and have VIP membership you will receive 20% off all other Services and Products.

Helpful Information

How do I join?


If you’re ready to join, drop us a message with the subscription package you would like, and we will send you a link to set up your monthly payment. Once your first payment goes out on the 1st of the month, you can book in your blow dries!


What If I have a colour booked in the same month? 


Good question! You can just visit for your colour appointment, then keep one of your Blow Dry Club blow dries for another time that month, perfect if you have a busy week where you need your hair in tip-top shape!


Can I book anytime? 


Yes you can! There are no restrictions on days that you can book. That’s right… Saturdays and late evening appointments are available to our lovely Blow Dry Subscription members.

Keep in mind though, that appointments are subject to availability so it’s best to book in advance to not be disappointed, the Blow Dry Subscription is also exclusive to C&C0 Hair Salon.


Can I carry my blowdries over to the following month? 


Unfortunately no, so make sure you book them in ASAP!


Can I cancel at any point? 


Yes! Blow Dry Subscription is a monthly subscription service, but you can cancel at any time. The subscription will be taken at the 1st of every month via direct debit.

You pay in advance for that month so if you cancelled on the 2nd but had paid on the 1st, you’d still get your Blow Dries for that month! And don’t worry, if you miss us and want to re-join, that’s fine too as long as we are taking new memberships!


I’m still thinking about it… can I join later?


Blow Dry Subscription memberships can be fitted in with any stylists, Standard and Luxury memberships are limited to 10 members each and our Platinum package is super-limited to just 5 lucky members!


Once they’re full, they’re full… so don’t wait on it!


Could I give someone the gift of Blow Dry Subscription?


Oh you lovely thing, you!

Yes, of course you can… just drop us a message with the name of the person you’re giving the gift of perfect hair and then you set up the membership payment as normal.


Is the Platinium  package REALLY unlimited??


Absolutely! Which is why this membership is so limited… if you want to come and hang out and get your hair done every day, we’re happy to have you!


What if I wear extensions?


Don’t worry about it, just add £25 to the monthly package cost above and we’ve got you covered! These appointments take a little longer, so keep that in mind and make sure you book your blows in advance.

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